Mandating vaccine opinion

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Mandating vaccine opinion

Along with the religious exemptions that almost all states allow, 19 states allow exemptions for philosophical reasons.

But are broader outbreaks like those in Britain evidence that parents should no longer be allowed to get any exemption from having their children immunized?

We asked them a very simple question – should people get vaccinated – and received a wide range of wonderful responses, including 8 Yeses and 15 Nos.Even though the study has been discredited, the study was enough to still have an effect on some — including those running for president of the United States in 2016.Out of the Democrat, Republican, Libertarian and Green party candidates that are running for president, Hillary Clinton is the only candidate to support mandatory vaccinations.Safety concerns often follow a pattern: a potential adverse effect is hypothesized; a premature announcement is made; the initial study is not reproduced; and finally, it takes several years for the vaccine to regain public confidence.A modern and notable example involved Andrew Wakefield's discredited claim that MMR vaccines cause autism, which, in 2011, was described as "perhaps, the most damaging medical hoax of the last 100 years".

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From a fear of needles to concerns over autism and even government mind control, the small percentage of Americans who shy away from vaccinations for themselves and their children each year certainly have their reasons.

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