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Browse all of the new features and functionality in the Particle Tracing Module below.You can use the new feature to model particle tracing in periodic structures or in geometries with sector symmetries.

Additionally, you can define random initial positions for particle releases and visualize particle paths as ribbons.

The new analysis suggests the phenomenon is caused by the injection of hot rock into a layer of Earth roughly 100 kilometers (62 miles) beneath the surface, creating the strange radial tendrils as it spreads.

In the study, the researchers suspected the finger-like structures may be the result of a phenomenon known as ‘Saffman-Taylor instability.’The term describes the ‘fingering’ that occurs as a result of viscosity differences when one fluid is injected into another.

In each case the purchaser had paid a sum, either by cheque, bank transfer or cash, into PCL's bank account.

The trial judge certified under section 1(2) of the Criminal Appeal Act 1968 that the case was fit for appeal against conviction and, on the appeal, the appellants contended that, following the decision of the House of Lords in R v Preddy [1996] 2 Cr App R 524, once the timeshare purchasers had, by whatever means, paid monies to PCL which had then been paid into PCL's bank account, such monies had ceased to be property belonging to the purchasers, and had been replaced by a chose in action in the form of a credit balance belonging to PCL, and could not, therefore, have been stolen.

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Marsden was a director of a company, Powerhouse Canaries Ltd (PCL), which had taken over the marketing of a timeshare complex in Lanzarote, the Tinajo Country Club (TCC). Klineberg was in charge of PCL's office in England, and stood to gain in the company's profits.