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The chosen expert will travel to the building site and explain the requirements and necessary materials for each of the four components: the Reflector platform, beam emitter, control console and relay dish.

If the player character chose to ally with the Brotherhood, the teleporter can be built at Boston Airport or any owned settlement, excluding Home Plate, The Mechanist's lair or Nuka-World Red Rocket.

If Tinker Tom is dead, there is a file on his terminal that will crack the encryption. He will offer the plans for the teleporter in exchange for a favor: if the teleporter works, the Survivor must retrieve a serum from Virgil's old laboratory inside the Institute to cure his FEV affliction. At this point, the Sole Survivor needs to make a choice to enlist the help of one of the three factions (the Minutemen, the Brotherhood of Steel, or the Railroad).

Speak to either Proctor Ingram (Bo S), Sturges (Minutemen) or Tinker Tom (Railroad) and arrange for the construction of the teleporter.

Even though the Railroad suggests building it at Mercer Safehouse, it is not required to do so.

The player character can build the signal interceptor in any settlement.

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But is it easier to play than its ultra-challenging predecessor?