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Federal banking rules known as Regulation E (here) sharply limit customers' liability for unauthorized electronic transactions from their accounts, provided they report the fraud promptly.

The rules say that customers' negligence - such as writing a PIN on a debit card - does not increase their liability.

Mint’s greatest strength is how the program takes your transaction histories from multiple checking accounts and credit cards and automatically categorizes purchases.

Related: Best Budgeting Tools Mint was the first free personal finance manager software to attract a critical mass of users, and is still considered one of the best personal finance softwares available.

First please try this: How to refresh financial institution information (Branding) https:// If the bank did their job and notified Quicken of the change well in advance of the change date, this should get you going again.

If it still doesn't work, I've tried the refresh, didn't work.

Mint, a free budgeting tool, allows consumers to sign up and within minutes, have their accounts securely connected and spending patterns broken down in easy-to-understand charts.

However, does that really encapsulate the public’s general needs in the realm of money management?

Tried support via Chat and they could not suggest anything that I had not already tried. I contacted US Bank Mortgage and they sent me this response: Please be advised, the U. Bank Home Mortgage website is not compatible with financial software like Quicken, at this time. While folks await the website fix, have you considered using a manual loan account?

That is the passage that Chase and other banks point to when warning people they may be liable if they share credentials with a third party.

But Lauren Saunders, associate director and managing attorney of the National Consumer Law Center, calls the banks' position "ridiculous." Sites such as Mint collect data about transactions but typically are not authorized to make transactions, said Saunders.

Five years ago, I wrote about new personal finance manager software programs like that would replace manual budgeting with a snapshot of …I am concerned about privacy and do not like having my financial information stored on more servers than necessary. You can also create budgets and have Mint alert you when you exceed the monthly limits you set in each category.

Ten years ago, online banking started to emerge, but few people trusted it. Mint then shows you—in a list or colorful graphs—where you’re spending your money.

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Capital One's site (here) tells users: "If you choose to share account access information with a third-party, Capital One is not liable for any resulting damages or losses." Chase (here) admonishes, "If you give out your user ID and password, you are putting your money at risk." The warnings were enough to cause Morris Armstrong, a registered investment adviser and enrolled agent in Danbury, Connecticut, to recently close his account with, a so-called aggregator website and a division of Intuit Inc. "Mint makes it so I don't have to go to the individual bank sites," said Ranta.